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Jai Ayurveda!

As you all know that AyuNext is a platform for all the 4 pada’s of Ayurveda and in the course of developing the platform we require a lot of hard-working team members. The ones who are interested can willingly join the team after registering on the website for FREE.

Some people are good at writing, some others have a good eye for designing, a few others are blessed with good editing skills, and some are good at photography or videography etc so we want all such people to come together at this platform to utilize their abilities for the betterment of this life science.

Before joining the team section we want you to explore the website and choose your field of interest or whatever department or part of the pathy excites you. The thing should come from within, some of you just want to get associated but have no idea what you could do with us. We respect your thoughts but we want you to grow as a team as well. The growth is possible only when we would join hands together as a team. The pages which are visible to you is not the full content. We are coming up with many more great ideas and maybe you could share the same vision with us. So, join the team anyway. Explore your abilities. At the end of the day, we want you to come out confident.

But nothing comes without conditions in life. This too isn’t free from that, but chill your talent will get right platform.

So let us tell you about the section we are currently developing – Introduction to the website.

Ayurveda Colleges across the country,
Sanskrit and Ayurveda Library,
Subject vise Mnemonics,
Published Case studies,
Clinical cases which we encounter daily,
Expert advice, group discussions, surveying, and polls,
AyuNext personality development,
Skill development section, 
AyuNext NEWS portal etc.
Ayurveda Blogs & Vlogs.

So after you have gone through all the sections listed above – come with new ideas of presenting these section’s, that too in different formats.

1. Come with new innovative ideas of presenting these section’s, that too in different formats.

2. You are free to submit Article’s/Blogs Stories/ Audio file’s/ Videos/ Documentaries/ Presentation’s etc. (Educate us as well )

3. Make sure you don’t copy or download it as our web designer has a good eye for copied material. So your submission will be canceled immediately. And in future if any report/complains would be observed on that post then the author will only be held responsible. 

4. The best would be selected. ( Best here would be chosen by our editorial board, And their decision would be final. The disputes, if any would be resolved by voting as transparency is our priority).

The average ones would not be published for sure but their abstract would be published and their links would be provided underneath.

5. The work will be assigned to you along with duration, and this way you have to achieve these small targets in a week/months. (Together).

6. Your submitted articles would only be used by the name of AyuNext along with the author’s name and description. Nobody, not even you could claim/ report the thing in the future.

7. Our future projects will be discussed only with related and trustworthy ones. In case anyone tries to copy or pass the details that person would be removed from the team immediately.

8. The author’s / artists will get full credit for their work and nobody can restrict you from that right of yours.

9. There would be section wise volunteers and those would be awarded at the end of the year.

10. The success of a volunteer would be decided on the basis of content, the number of posts (shows your active participation), reach among the audiences.

11. The content should be related to Ayurveda (Obviously)
12. Congratulations
As you have just done what you have never thought to do – going through Terms and condition page.
Let us channelize the energy in something productive.



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