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We have provided the feature where you can help us edit and updating the information or pictures related to your college.
You can ask the question right under the pages in the comments sections provided below.
We are also coming up with a feature where we will be providing you information about prior placements from that particular college.



Your gateway to all the ayurvedic texts for free. Read Samhita’s, Commentaries and other Sanskrit literature. Now, Carry your personal library everywhere.
You can ask for more e-books or books in other formats. We haven’t updated all we have because of copyright issues but we are in constant touch with the authors. But click on the “request the book” button and we will try our best to personally contact you and provide that through email.
You too are free to submit books from your collection. Let’s help each other.
Plus clear your doubts regarding any book under the comment section below. Our experts will do their best to fix the problems.


Case Studies

Develop your faith in Ayurveda by assessing the results yourself. The provided cases are not virtual cases. We are presenting you all real life cases from daily OPD and admitted patients in IPD’s along with the results and follow up suggestions that too with both Ayurveda and modern views. Through which you can learn, read, assess and conclude the treatment procedure.
This section is not only helpful for UG students to read diseases and cases but also for the ones looking for previously published cases for reference and research purpose.
You can contribute to our section if you encounter any interesting case that you think is worth sharing for the benefit of fellow field mates. We would love to include that in our clinical cases. This part is beneficial for the curious ones looking for interesting ways of learning diseases.
Would definitely going to help students for easy and quick revision.


Social Media

To connect with your fellow doctors. A platform comfortable enough to discuss the merits, demerits, events, workshops or any other activity worth discussing. We brought to you the feature of sharing any kind of document- audio, video, ppt & pdfs and much more here on the social network. Let’s come together to brush up our skills as well as clinical knowledge. Sharing is caring after all.


Q & A Section

Contact with the experts from the field of Ayurveda for free. Ask for any work related/ study related/ field related/ treatment related help as the experts in the panel share the same vision with us. The people who are ready to clear your doubts, for the sake of this are now just a click away. This is your platform to Share your insecurities with the non-judgemental ones. The superior minds in the field are here to help you.

Polls and survey

Now create your surveying paper and upload on our Q & A section. Our registered users are available to answer your questions and chill, you don’t need to educate them about every single detail asked. This network provides you a platform to study on a larger section of a population. Utilise it. This is for you people. Feel free to use all the features provided and when in doubt, contact us, we are always here to help you As far as the polls section is concerned every registered user is free to create polls and utilize the space to clear your personal doubts. You can specify the date and timing and start the polls. Enjoy the feature by creating interesting polls and surveys.


Skill Development

If you are the ones who think that only giving an I/V is a skill and we lack that part in our pathy, then you need to rethink.
Are you good enough at Nadi pariksha/ Marma therapy/ Panchakarma therapy/Kshara preparation/ Making Rasayana/ Identifying the drugs you are about to prescribe? That to my friend is a skill which we need to practice daily to master.
Let’s learn together which is all our’s and no government can ever restrict you from practicing that.
Let’s come together to learn what our aapta’s has bestowed upon us.



We are providing you Section vise quizzes on fix time preferably every fortnight. Time will be decided and all the students across the country can come together to
join the test at a prior decided time that too for FREE. The quiz will be organized under different categories – Samhita vise, Chapter vice and then major tests. You just need to register on our website.
After attempting all the questions you can lock your answer sheets or it will be done automatically after a fixed time. Within a few seconds, you can check your result and rank. Along with this, we provide you the feature of time management where we will show hour, minute and seconds clock on your screen where you can look and manage your time accordingly.
Not only for Entrance preparation, students can play subject vise quiz in their free time, which is again an interesting way of learning texts.


Personality Development

The way you present yourself in the society has a great impact on your character as well as your customers i.e. patients. Let’s help each other to overcome our flaws and strengthening our abilities.
Learn multiple languages and skills to deal with a variety of patients. Learning is the only way out when you are stuck with a complicated “subject”. Make sure you end up impressing that one too.
Our job requires a lot of hard work but that too isn’t enough at times, we need the tips and tricks to deal with people from a particular faith/ society/ beliefs.
Some of us are born talented and a few others have mastered the skill during their practice. They exactly know how to deal with a specific person. So, we have provided the blogs section where you can share your own experience and learn from other’s experiences/mistakes/ tricks.
At the end of the day, we want you to come out confident.



To help you learn easily the para long shlokas and gadya portion. Both Ayurveda as well as modern medical science data has been provided to help you recall.
The para-long shlokas are now fun to learn.
Get all the tips and tricks you need to know to crack the entrance examinations and much more.



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