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April 21, 2020
team ayunext

A lot has happened in the past few weeks and we were thinking to share our thoughts on current issues. (We are planning to do this more often). Okay, so the one topic that grabbed our attention was this young girl who silenced the world with her speech at the UN. she got mocked and praised by people at the same time but at least she did her job. At least the world started talking about the issue. we are going to discuss the same today. what do we do in our daily lives that are affecting the environment. If you are still confused that why on this page?! then let me tell you it’s the environmental changes that have affected Ayurveda the most. Now our drugs are not efficient enough. How are you going to prove the effects? How are we going to do our clinical trials? The need of the hour is to take things seriously now onwards. Here’s what we all can do to save the environment. 

Would love to hear your opinions and suggestions in the comments down below.

What we learned at school was 3R’s – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. most of our lifestyle changes are influenced by these basic rule.

  1. We make sure we carry our bag with us while shopping.
    Trust me you would feel proud when you would take out that reusable bag of yours. You can actually influence many people at the store as well (or at the Sabji-mandi). Its human nature – we watch and we learn. Even if you need to use polythene, make sure you throw it after making good use 9-10 times. Also, we don’t feel shy if everybody else is doing the same. Be the change,…you know the rest.
    Now It’s time to ACT.
  2. We try not to print unnecessarily –
    I am the one who likes to read through books instead of reading pdfs. but what we do with these notes in future?! they just lie around in our house somewhere we don’t even remember. so think twice before clicking that print button. It’s been a year since I started using the screen protecting glasses. Request your teacher to read your work in their laptops before the final print out and give your reason, they would readily agree to do so. If required take print on either side of the paper.
  3. Always separate your garbage. The recyclable one and non-recyclable ones. The dry and wet. Those coloured dustbins in your hospital are not for decoration. Read the instructions and do accordingly. 
  4. We carry our drinks ( Water/ Shakes /Coffee) to work in our own glass containers. It saves us not only money but also hygienic and eco-friendly to do so. 
  5. We pass on the compilation books we purchased to our juniors. This was a trend at NIA. This way juniors need to buy only Samhita and other important text. Also, you get lifelong relations and saves your juniors a lot of time.  
  6. Sounds cliches – but it’s the most important thing to do.
    We switch off our electrical appliances when not in use. This is the real game-changer in reducing the monthly budget. Increase your AC’s temperature after an hour or so. Keep windows open and let the wind do the wonders. 
  7. We use only public transport.
    It saves both money and time. Also the perspective we get by observing various people can never be learned in classrooms. The most satisfactory thing about doing so is we can sleep/read/ chat whatever we prefer.
  8. Don’t tear the plastic packet (mostly for milk) fully as these small pieces are impossible to recycle. 
  9. Using Kitchen waste in the garden. Try spending some time with your plant babies. They will never let you down.

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