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Elbow Joint

Elbow joint is a Hinge joint formed by the articulation of the Ulna and Radius, and Humerus. Full extension is equal to 0 degrees, full flexion to ~ 150 degrees. Maximum supination (turning hand palm up) and pronation (palm down) are both 90 degrees. Elbow joint...
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Gait Abnormalities

What is gait? It is the posture of the patient during walking.   Decubitus is the same while patient is in bed. The ability to stand and walk normally is dependent upon input from multiple systems, including: visual, vestibular, cerebellar, motor, and sensory. The...
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BREAST EXAMINATION Know about the organ - The breast is made up of milk producing glands that are arranged into units known as lobules. These glands are connected via a series of ducts that ultimately join up to form a common drainage path, terminating at the nipple....


Respiratory System Examination

Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush during rounds with your senior consultants? If yes, then you are at the right place. Explore…

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Excretory System

Lets learn some facts today with methodical and logical approach…

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Nervous System Examination

Some common clinical problems related to nervous system and basic informations you must know before practicing medicine…

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Cardio vascular system

The basics students are expected to know about Cardio vascular system at the end of their training…

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Gastrointestinal tract

Know anatomy, physiology, pathologies, and procedures related to your GI tract…

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Genitalia Examination

Ever disscussed it before? Lets give it a try..

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Locomotar system

The locomotor system (or musculo skeletal system) comprises of muscles, bones, joints and soft tissue structures (eg; ligaments and tendons) lets disscuss the conditions…

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All about the creation of the “greatest architect”…

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This section is not only helpful for UG students to read diseases and cases but also for the ones looking for previously published cases for reference and research purpose.
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