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Yoga Darshanam


According to the Hindu philosophy, there are six darshans (the ways of seeing the world): Purva Mimansa, Uttara Mimansa (Vedanta), Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya, and Yoga. Yoga-darsana is based on the exposition of the epistemological, metaphysical, and methodological ideas of an age-long meditative tradition codified in the work of Patanjali and widely known as Yoga Sutras.

Yoga-darsana is concerned primarily with acquisition and perpetuation of two states of mind referred to as “collocative” (sapaksa) with Yoga, namely, the state of the onepointed mind (ekāgratā) and the state of the inhibited mental functions (niruddha). The Yoga itself is being equated with samādhi.