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  • C1-C2 VERTEBRA: vocal cords
  • C2-oropharynx and soft palate with mouth open
  • C3-hyoid bone
  • level of larynx in infants-C2-C3
  • levwl of larynx in adults-C3-C6
  • C3-C4:bifurcation of common carotid artery
  • C4 &C5-thyroid cartilage
  • C6-cricoid cartilage
  • C6-begining of trachea
  • C6-begining of oesophagus
  • C7-vertebra prominence
  • thyroid lobe superior extent-oblique line of thyroid cartilage
  • isthmus of thyroid gland-2nd through 4th tracheal rings
  • thyroid lobe inferior extent-sixth tracheal ring
  • spine at root of scapula-opposite third thorasic spine
  • thoracic inlet-T1
  • superior angle of scapula-overlies part of 2nd rib-1st intercoastal space superior to angle/T2
  • jugular notch-T2&T3 vertebral junction
  • carnia-T3-4 or T4
  • manubrium Sterni-T3&T4
  • sternal angle-T4&T5
  • body of sternum-T5to T9 vertebra
  • greater splanchnic nerve-T5-T9 sym ganglia
  • apex of heart/mitral value-5th intercoastal space
  • base of heart/supine position-T5 to T8 vertebra
  • base of heart/erect position-T6 to T9
  • oblique fissure of lung-T6
  • inferior angle of scapula-T7
  • vena caval foramen-T8
  • xiphoid process-T9
  • xiphisternal joint-T9 vertebra typicaly
  • esophageal hiatus-T10
  • termination of oesophagus-T11
  • lesser splanchnic nerve-T10-T11 sym ganglia
  • least splanchnic nerve- T12 sym ganglian
  • aortic hiatus-T12
  • coeliac trunk branch of abdominal aorta-T12
  • median arcuate logament of respiratory diaphragm- T12 &L1 junction
  • pulmonary valve-left 2nd intercoastal space medial
  • aortic valve-right 2nd intercoastal space
  • tricuspid valve-right lower sternum
  • nipple in male-4th intercoastal space in midclavicular line
  • transpyloric plane-L1
  • celiac trunk-L1 superior border
  • superior mesentric artery-L1 inferior border
  • pylorus of stomach-L1
  • 1st part of duodenum-L1
  • left renal vein-L2
  • 2nd part of duodenum-L1,L2,L3right side
  • 3rd part of duodenum-L3
  • left crus of diagphram-L2
  • right crus of diagphram-L3 vertebra
  • inferior mesentric artery-L3
  • subcoastal plane-L3
  • spinal cord termination
    L1 in adults
    L3 in New borns
  • spleen-obliquely along axis of 10th rib
  • right kidney-
    Superior pole-T12
    Inferior pole-L3
  • left kidney-
    Superior pole-T12
    inferior pole-L3
  • pancrease head-L2&L3
  • umbilicus(in supine/recumbent position)-disc between L3-L4
  • bifurcation of abdominal aorta-L4
  • supracristal plane/higheat point on illiac crest-L4
  • transtubercular plane-L5
  • origin of inferior vena cava-L5by by
  • anterior superior illiac spine-S1/sacral promontary
  • posterior auperior illiac spine-S2
  • pubic symphysis-tip of coccyx