10 Tips to get seat after qualifying AIAPGET

March 1, 2019

First of all, congratulations if you already made it to the list (and my request to the ones preparing, please leave RIGHT NOW (Trust me you will get plenty of time after the exam).Now, here we gonna discuss 10 points which include all the situations, an aspirant face during the counseling period.choose ayunext

1. Read every prospectus keenly – The date, venue and other details must be taken care of specifically. You are going to receive notices and documents related to UG admission as well, keep removing them.

checklist ayunext2. Checklist before leaving – how many photocopies of the required documents should one carry? 6 would be enough. Don’t add extra weight to your luggage as it may save you a few minutes at the airport.Not just the documents, if during your journey you are carrying more than a bag pack, then you are doing it wrong. Just read our checklist and remove extra stuff. Checklist from the last year’s brochure here.

cash ayunext3. Keep balance in your bank account – Carry extra cash and distribute it in different pockets. You are going to be all alone in a different city. Also, sudden date change might require you to change your boarding station and your previous fare would not possibly be refunded back on time. Be prepared for that as counseling journey is incomplete without a few cancellations.

irctc ayunext4. IRCTC account – Only if you are living under a rock you don’t have one. Just don’t ask friends to book for you and try not to book extra tickets by the same account, as sometimes you won’t be able to book your own tickets on time.Also, do check the date and time twice before booking as many of us are not well versed with the 24 hour time display.

charge ayunext5. Keep your phone always charged – Sometimes you can get better deals online for hotel rooms or cabs or maybe food. Don’t forget to carry a power bank during your journey and if you don’t already have one, just order it – powerbank –

6. Declutter your phone – Leave it if you already own an I phone with 128 GB memory because during the journey you may not be able to find Xerox shops and would end up giving the last copy of some document.

uninstall ayunext

Just click the picture of the documents you are submitting in case it gets damaged by water or just be ready for the worst case scenario. Sometimes you require to fill a form which requires details form a document (for example details from Demand Draft) click a picture in advance to make sure you are not losing other important stuff during the hustle of searching through the folder for that one number.

7. WhatsApp groups –You must silent some during the journey as those unnecessary GM/GN images would slow down the downloading of the notices that actually matters. Some could be about the sudden schedule change and you would receive that just before boarding. So, yes.whatsapp ayunext

Now, let’s talk about the groups that you must join during this period. It includes your college group, the groups you made during the journey to divide your expenses or may be made by the activists of your category. These are going to be very helpful in getting the latest news about the counseling schedule, documents required, people leaving or ones who want to shuffle at different colleges. Trust me, this all will save you a lot of time as now you don’t require to surf through every other website for that one notice.

8. Life begins now – You qualified for the exam. You now have a rank that is unique to you. Don’t just sit there ignoring this fact and keep a check on your ranks in different lists.ayunext motivation Again, your friend could be secured/tensed as they may belong to a different category from you. Just don’t ignore the fact that departmental reservation still exists in Ayurveda (which is really sad), so keep in mind the branches offered in your category or in the open (unreserved) category. Just go for your desired branch, if humanly possible.

9. The resulting day –The resulting day is of supreme importance even if it’s of a 1st standard child or of a UPSC aspirant. Just stay calm in whatever be the outcomes are. Getting seat after qualifying is an art. You just need to be patient for this one month. Many of our friends lost their seats because they didn’t apply in the colleges having a high probability of them getting their desired department. As I said, keep your rank in mind. Don’t just roam around with friends in colleges which don’t have anything to offer you.

counselling ayunext10. Participate till you die –No, of course not kidding. It’s better to waste a few pence than to wait for next year. Just don’t have second thoughts on attending a counselling. The decision must be yours only, you can’t just sit there regretting that one decision for the rest of your life. Just go for it. Good or bad, whatever be the day like, you won’t end up empty-handed. Just keep in mind this one line – “Probability is never zero”

11. Bonus – The company is very important. Yes, you heard it right. The people traveling alone would be a huge impact on the journey. What I heard about the counselling phase was that it is going to be the toughest, even more than the preparation part. But, don’t worry, it was a joy ride for me. How? ayunext team

Just remember a few things.
A) Book tickets with “your people”. The ones who genuinely care for you, encourage you and motivate you to decide the best for you.
b) Stay away from the toxic ones, they might confuse you right before the opportunity knocks at your door.
c) This journey is all about creating memories. Just don’t hesitate to capture pictures with your friends as you may not be able to meet them for the next few years. All the best. We would love to answer your queries anytime.

P.S. We are coming up with unofficial details of some of the apex Ayurveda institutes across India. Stay tuned for the next article. . .

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  • Reply Mahesh Chandrakant Bhujange June 22, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Please continue this quies

    • Reply Ayunext July 13, 2019 at 8:54 am

      All the very best for examination. As far as the Q&A series is concerned they are supposed to be only for the guidance… In these last few days, we would suggest you go through the first 80 pages of Govind Pareek sir’s book and quickly revising the Samhitas ( the sections in which you are good at). Just maintain your calm & read question twice, you will pass with flying colours.

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